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Do you have a question? If the answers below do not answer your question please contact us. [email protected] or [email protected]

Want to try the Cell-F-Defense? A one time donation will quickly get you a bottle to try. Send me an email letting me know where you live and that you want to try using the formula - Cell-F-Defense. I will respond quickly [email protected]

The most often asked questions:

Where are you located?
We are located in the USA.

We [I] am a doctor, clinic or company interested in using your formulas, how can we get them?
Contact - [email protected]  Our main goal is to get our discoveries into the hands of others so healing can be accomplished. Keeping them hidden is counterprodcutive.

Do you ship all over the world or just the USA?
We help people across the globe, We ship anywhere that we are able to get a package shipped. We do ask that you cover some of the shipping when it is to a remote country.

Will you sell us some of your formulas?
We do not sell, your pledge funds are donations to keep us running. The formulations are used by you to give us feedback and allow us to better understand the synergy of certain ingredients.
For ONLY the EMF cards and children's products we design you can buy them through our parent company, Nurturtech.

What amount of pledges or donations is suggested?
This depends on the needs of you and your family. If you are going to use the formulas for maintenance and minor issues a smaller donation will cover costs, a sick family or person may go through many bottles of the Cell-f-Defense and Quantum Serum which would need a pledge over time or large donation. We have some with cancer that pledge upwards of $6000 and we are able to keep sending formulas as needed giving them healing over a years time, more or less. This may seem like a lot but the body doesn't heal quickly from such illnesses, but with the help of the formulas and some information from our experiences we have seen healing. The body can heal. So--- donations are based on a wide range circumstances. Talk with us,

I have an autoimmune disease, how do I know what formulations are good to try?
We talk with each program participant to understand their needs and send you the formulas that best suit your condition. As you go along we will send you new formulas to try. In some cases that are of great interest to soothe and eliminate symptoms we will put together a formula using certain ingredients known to be powerful and work synergistically for the benefit of the individual's healing.

What about cancer? Can you cure it?
The word cancer brings up many theories and discussions. No one can cure cancer, but the body's immune system can eliminate and reverse it. We try to discover ways to help the immune system do its job perfectly. We will not tell you to stop chemo or radiation, that is always the decision of the person or parent or doctor. We can say that the immune system is the only thing that will ever eliminate and reverse disease, therefore assisting the immune system can cause a reaction that will result by definition, cure the disease. [Dictionary: Cure:
relieve (a person or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition.

"he was cured of the disease"] [synonym: heal]

# 1 question :
 Do you create all these things on your own?
Answer: NO, we are messengers and tools to do God's work.

Let me explain......

There is nothing more perfect than what God has created. Our work is like these flowers, using many to work in harmony, creating a masterpiece ordered by God.