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Our mission is to help people have better lives. Giving people  happy and healthy lives back when illness strikes or wellness is eluding you is a goal we can achieve together.

We seek out the best materials, supplies and ingredients that work synergistically to create what could be the answer to your health concerns or at least give you improvement.

There is no one magic bullet or pill that will cure you but there are a multitude of beneficial plants, oils and minerals waiting to be discovered and used for the purpose of healing. We need to study them, put them to work and see what greatness is found.

We do the research and work to put them together to fill the need. You use them, work with them and tell us what benefits are found. Together we make the world a better place to live a happy healthy life.

While most don't see it, the world has been slowly forcing more chemicals and pharmaceuticals on us, some trying to mandate them. You are here because you understand the necessity to help yourself.

The Truth Changes How We Help You

Breaking News: The world us turned upside down. More and more information and truths have been leaked out. We are seeing that the pharmaceuticals are embedded in the governments, mandating drugs and banning what they cannot make money on or control the population. The 'virus' while real was over exaggerated as a danger to control the world population as whole, forcing rules and lockdowns. It is nothing more than a manmade cold or flu like virus controlled by natural safe treatments like our Cell-f-Defense that helps the body kill viruses with Zinc, Copper and Silver synergistically incorporated together, one of our important formulations.
We have made some important decisions as we look to the near future where people will want to control their health without the interference of government controlled treatments, including the vaccines. 
 As long as we can cover our costs of supplies and get needed equipment we can operate going forward giving families research sample supplies they will need.

There is a growing concern about 5 G towers and dangerous frequencies being emitted without our knowledge. These frequencies including what is coming off 5G towers can change our health and mental state, 
If a person has been given a 'covid vaccine' chances are great that the body is being adversely affected. Graphine Oxide with the jab directly changes the mental state using 5G frequencies to manipulate how that person reacts and think or makes decisions.
Now more than ever the EMF cards are in great demand. The cards will protect the body from harmful frequencies. Drinking structured water made using the cards will make sure your water is beneficial.  We are making the EMF cards as fast as we can to keep up with the demand. If you need enough to keep your family safe please let us know if your finances are stressed, we can help lower the costs.


We need funds to do our research. Supplies, materials, equipment and ingredients cost money. Without the funds we cannot do our work and you cannot reap the benefits. Your donations make it all happen.

Becoming part of our research family we will give you acess to our formulations and give you 'heads up' when we put together a new formula so you can decide if that is something you are interested in. Be sure to join our mailing list (we only email when there is something important.)A donation will get you a research sample.

Our Cell-f-Defense at clinics is charged 50$ for 2 oz. We ask a donation of 25$ to use for your research

Our Quantum Serum at clinics is charged 200$ for 2 oz. We ask a donation of 100$ to use for your research

Please email us what formulations you would like and tell us how you will be making your donation. As soon as your donation arrives we will ship it to you. Shipping is not free so please add $12.00 shipping in the USA. International shipping will be determined and we will email you the shipping cost to add to your donation.
send us your donation using Zelle (email ) or if you need to use paypal send as a friend to friend so there are no fees using the same email. Fees help paypal not us.

 Donations help us cover the costs of these wonderful healers. Our formulas are getting good results in many applications. Read more on the discovery pages. We are happy to offer formulations that have the potential of helping heal without toxins.
Would you like to help our research without using a formulation? Every dollar helps. You can chose to send us your donation using Zelle (email ) or if you need to use paypal send as a friend to friend so there are no fees using the same email. Fees help paypal not us.

You can always send via mail, check, money order or cash:
569 Milton Rd
Litchfield, CT 06759
Note: Paradigm Research is the research and design department of Nurturtech.

Change Your Life and Your Family's

Our mission is to help families stay healthy and become healthy. Today more than ever we are fighting against trying to keep our families healthy. Drugs and treatments are forced upon many of us that don't want to use toxic substances in our bodies.

Read our Discovery page to see that latest formulations, designs and devices. All ready for you to use as tools to keep you and your family [including animals] healthy and healing.

All designs and devices are found on our website.
Besides our newly discovered products seen on the discovery page we are reintroducing our long standing products so many families have grown up using. We strive to use materials and supplies that are organic, hospital grade, and environment friendly. Our products are all made in the USA.

The formulations on the Discovery page are not sold but can be used on a research basis. They are not considered treatment, using them is considered being part of research only. We have no control how the formulations are used by the user and the user is completely responsible for its use. Each formula is mineral and vitamin based, no harmful chemicals are used. If you are wanting a formula please contact us, with a donation to cover costs, a research sample will sent your way.

Paradigm Research Members only

Welcome to our Paradigm family - together we will discover health and healing. Members of our research program have access to ongoing experiences and member to member discoveries in ongoing usage. We list what others have tried with success and suggestions for formulations. This page is limited to members of the research program only.

All personal information of each individual is kept private and names and contacts are never shared with anyone. Your experiences, ideas, suggestions and opinions for future individual healing is all that we share within private pages of the Research Program. Sharing of your password is not allowed.

Once you have joined us we will email you your private page where ongoing information is uploaded.